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Sauted Kidneys with Croutons

Sauted Kidneys with Croutons Recipe:

1. Skin the kidneys and cut them in half, removing the cores

2. Dust the kidneys in the flour

3. Heat the butter in a large frying pan

4. Fry the chopped bacon briskly for 3minutes in the butter

5. Add the kidneys and fry them until they are sealed on the outside

6. Add the following to the pan: stock, whiskey, anchovy fillets and salt and pepper to taste

7. Simmer for about 3minutes

8. Add the mushrooms and simmer for another 5minutes

9. Add the cream and heat through

10. Spoon onto a serving dish and garnish with the parsley and croutons

List of ingredients required:

8 lambs kidneys
7 fluid oz (200ml) chicken stock
3 finely chopped anchovy fillets
3 oz (75g) thinly sliced button mushrooms
2 oz (50g) butter
2 rashers lean bacon, finely chopped
2 tablespoons whiskey
2 tablespoons double cream
2 level tablespoons flour


Chopped parsley
Triangular croutons of fried bread