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Potato Pancakes Recipe

Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes Recipe:

  1. Peel 6 medium potatoes.
  2. Grate them.
  3. Or cut them into small pieces and put them in an electric blender until they are reduced to a thick purée.
  4. Spoon off as much as possible of the potato liquid.
  5. Beat in 2 large eggs.
  6. Beat in salt and pepper to taste.
  7. Add fine cracker crumbs or matzo meal to make a batter.
  8. Fry the batter by tablespoons in a generous amount of hot fat.
  9. Turn the cakes to brown and crisp both sides.
  10. A little grated onion or parsley may be added to the batter.
  11. Serve with applesauce.

List of ingredients required:

  • 6 medium potatoes.
  • 2 large eggs.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.
  • Fine cracker crumbs or matzo meal.
  • Fat.
  • Graded onion or minced parsley, if desired.