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Strawberry and Cassis Sorbet

Strawberry and Cassis Sorbet Recipe:

1. Hull the strawberries and chop them roughly

2. Put the strawberries in a liquidizer together with the cassis, white wine and sugar

3. Blend the mixture until smooth

4. Pour the mixture into a shallow container and freeze for about 2hours until ice crystals start forming around the edges of the container
5. Tip the mixture into a bowl and beat it well with a fork

6. Lightly whisk the egg whites and fold them into the strawberry mixture

7. Pour the mixture back into the freezer for about 4hours until it is almost firm

8. Spoon the sorbet into tall stemmed glasses

9. Trickle a teaspoon of creame de cassis over each portion and decorate with a whole strawberry

List of ingredients required:

4 tablespoons crme de cassis liquor
14 fl oz (400ml) dry white wine
2 level tablespoons caster sugar
2 egg whites
1 lb (450g) ripe strawberries


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4 teaspoons crme de cassis liqour