Jewish Eggs and Peas

Jewish Eggs and Peas Recipe:

1. Shell the peas and put them in a flameproof casserole with the following ingredients: 2 fluid oz of water, oil , spices and about 1/4 teaspoon salt

2. Cover the casserole with a lid and let it simmer for about 8minutes until the peas are half cooked

3. Correct the seasoning if necessary

4. Remove the casserole from the heat and make six depressions in the peas with a large spoon

5. Break the eggs, one at a time into each depression

6. Return the casserole to the heat and cover with a lid

7. Cook for a further 10minutes until the eggs have set

8. Beat the remaining egg with the cream

9. Pour the cream mixture over the cooked eggs and place the dish under a hot grill for about 3minutes for it to set

10. Serve with crusty bread and butter

List of ingredients required:

7 eggs
Caster sugar
Cayenne pepper
Salt and black pepper
5 tablespoons olive oil
1/4 level teaspoon mace
3 to 4 liquid oz single cream
2 and 1/2 lb peas
1/4 level teaspoon nutmeg