Damson Cheese

Damson Cheese Recipe:

1. Remove any stalks and leaves from the fruit

2. Wash the fruit thoroughly

3. Put the water and the damsons in a heavy-based pan and cover it with a lid

4. Simmer the mixture gently over low heat until the fruit is soft

5. Rub the fruit through a sieve

6. Return the fruit pulp to a clean and dry pan

7. Boil the fruit pulp quickly until the pulp is thick and has reduced by about a third

8. Add the sugar (allow 1 lb sugar to 1 lb pulp)

9. Continue cooking while constantly stirring until a spoon drawn across the base of the pan leaves a firm line

10. Pour the cheese into small, straight-sided pots brushed with glycerin

11. Cover the pots

List of ingredients required:

6 lb damsons
1/2 pint water