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Chocolate Crunch

Chocolate Crunch Recipe:

1. Grease a Swiss roll tin

2. Melt the butter in a large pan

3. Remove the pan from the heat

4. Mix the sugar, flour, cocoa, rolled oats, coconut and egg in the pan

5. Pour the mixture into the tin and level the mixture

6. Bake the mixture in the center of the preheated oven for 25 to 30minutes until slightly springy at the center

7. Remove the tin and let it cool

8. When the crunch is almost cold, break the chocolate into pieces and melt it with the coffee or water in a bowl over hot water

9. Pour the chocolate over the crunch

10. When the crunch is cold, cut it into 36 squares

List of ingredients required:

(makes 36 crunches)

6 oz (175g) butter
8 oz (225g) granulated sugar
5 oz (150g) self-raising sieved flour
1 oz (25g) sieved cocoa powder
4 oz (115g) rolled oats
4 oz (115g) unsweetened, desiccated coconut
1 beaten egg
5 oz (150g) plain chocolate
1 tablespoon black coffee or water

The oven should be preheated at a temperature of 325F (160C)