Chocolate cream pie

Chocolate cream pie Recipe:

1. Make a biscuit crust and line an 8inch fluted flan case

2. Heat the milk

3. Blend the sugar, flour, beaten egg and the cornflour together in a bowl

4. Stir the mixture into the milk

5. Return the mixture to the pan and cook over low heat while constantly stirring until the mixture thickens and just comes to the boil

6. Remove the pan from the heat and stir in the butter, cut into small pieces and chocolate and brandy

7. Stir until smooth then leave to cool slightly

8. Spoon the filling into the biscuit crust and dust it with icing sugar to prevent a skin forming then chill

9. Just before serving, whip the cream with milk until thick enough to hold shape

10. Spoon this in an even layer over the chocolate filling

11. Dust with the coarsely grated chocolate

List of ingredients required:

(serves 6 people)

1 portion biscuit crust

For the filling:

3 to 3 and 1/ 2 oz dark plain grated chocolate
1 oz plain flour
1 oz unsalted butter
1 oz caster sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoons brandy or rum icing sugar
1 and 1/ 2 level teaspoons cornflour
1/ 4 pint (150ml) milk

For the Topping:

1/ 4 pint (150ml) double cream
1 tablespoon milk
Grated chocolate (optional)