Yakitori Recipe

Yakitori Recipe:

1. Cut the chicken into bite-sized cubes while discarding all the skin

2. Place half of each of the following ingredients in a shallow dish: the shoyu, sugar and the sake

3. Add the garlic, ginger and black pepper to taste

4. Whisk all the ingredients well until the sugar has dissolved

5. Add the chicken pieces to the dish and stir well so that it is well-coated in the marinade

6. Cover the dish tightly and marinate in the refrigerator for at least 4hours while turning the chicken occasionally

7. When ready to cook, remove the chicken from the marinade and thread it onto skewers

8. Cook over a charcoal barbecue or under a preheated moderate grill for about 15minutes while frequently turning the skewers and brushing them with the marinade

9. While the chicken is cooking, put the remaining shoyu, sake and sugar in a small saucepan with pepper to taste and simmer for a few minutes

10. Serve the yakori hot with the sauce poured over it

List of ingredients required:

(serves 4 people)

3 cloves garlic, skinned and crushed
4 level tablespoons dark, soft brown sugar
4 fl oz (115ml) sake
4 fl oz (115ml) shoyu
4 boneless chicken breasts, total weight of 575 to 700g
1 in (25mm) piece of fresh root ginger, peeled and finely chopped
Freshly ground black pepper