Potato Casserole: With winter approaching in the US, you would certainly like some potato casserole warm and straight out of the oven after a long day’s work or perhaps anytime you desire. Potatoes are usually a favorite amongst families because they are easy to prepare ans a potato dish normally does not cost that much.… Read More

German style frankfurters are one of the best types of sausage you can get. Whether you love European food or wish to try new things, you might enjoy these. All you need is a few German ingredients that you can buy from your local supermarket. German Style Frankfurters Recipe: Cut frankfurters in half. Lightly brown… Read More

This tamale casserole is scrumptious and it it very simple to make. The casserole does not take a long time to bake and you can expect to be done with everything in about 2 hours. All you need is a few common ingredients found at just about every store and supermarket. Tamale Casserole Recipe: Combine… Read More