Beef and Pea Casserole Recipe: 1. Wipe the meat with a clean damp cloth 2. Season the meat with freshly ground pepper 3. Melt the butter in large frying pan 4. Brown the beef on all sides over high heat in the pan 5. Put the meat in an oven-proof casserole 6. Shell the peas… Read More

Eel Stew Recipe: 1. Skin and clean the eels 2. Peel and thinly slice the onions 3. Saute half the onions in 2 oz of butter until they are golden 4. Wash, dry and cut the eels into 2inch pieces 5. Add the eels to the onions and continue frying for about 10minutes while turning… Read More

Irish Tea Brack Recipe: 1. Measure the following ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir well : tea, sugar, raisins and sultanas 2. Leave the mixture for about 5hours or overnight for the fruit to swell 3. Grease a 6 inch (150mm) round cake tin and line the base 4. Sieve the following ingredients into… Read More