Fried fish Marinated in Vinegar Recipe: 1. Skin the fish and cut it into 12 portions 2. Season the fish with salt and pepper 3. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan 4. Quickly fry the fish, a few at a time while adding some more oil if necessary 5. Remove the… Read More

Serves 8 You can make this strawberry tart as a tea-time treat or dessert and try different fruit flavours of jelly and yoghurt the next time you make it in order to satisfy your own taste. It is fairly inexpensive and easy to make, while keeping the calories down if you are a bit conscious… Read More

Low Calorie Veggie Shake: Place all ingredients in blender for a minute until silky smooth Add spices, mineral sea salts to taste. Burst mix all ingredients again and serve in a tall ounce glass. List of ingredients required: 1 cup ice cubes (0 calories / 0 kilojoules) 1/2 Cup of Celery (8 calories / 33,6… Read More