This easy gourmet crabmeat recipe is a very nice and somewhat cheap recipe that is good for all the seafood lovers.  As crabmeat is high in vitamin B-12, which is good for your brain and normal functioning. The protein content of crabmeat is about 32% of your daily intake. The calcium content is about 5%… Read More

If tuna a la king is one of your favorite foods, then this recipe might help you to get rid of your craving. This particular recipe has a bit of pasta, soup, vegetables and of course, tuna in it. Whether you are just looking to cook for yourself or the whole family, this recipe is… Read More

These curried eggs can be spiced according to the cook’s taste. If you cannot handle spicy foods, you can use a mild curry powder and the same is also true for the spicy food lovers. Curried eggs are a great snack or perhaps even as a lunch. It does not take a lot of time… Read More