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Bettcher Industries, Inc. was originally founded in 1944 by Louis A. Bettcher under the name of Bettcher Dieweld Company. Mr. Bettcher started his Company with a capital investment of $800 in a small machine shop in the old meat district of Cleveland, Ohio.

Local meat companies such as Swift and Company found it nearly impossible during the war to purchase new equipment. These plants called on Bettcher Dieweld to keep their old machinery running by repairing what was impossible to replace. This exposure to the machinery needs of meat producers stimulated Mr. Bettcher’s fertile imagination, resulting in the invention of numerous machines and systems. One of the first was the Bettcher Carcass Splitter, the first efficient band saw splitter ever manufactured. Today, some 50 years later, many of the original Bettcher Carcass Splitters are still in use and the concept is a standard splitting approach worldwide.

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