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Address: 44146

At FEMC, they design all three of these key elements into each and every system they build at their world headquarters in Cleveland, OH.  Their unique consultative approach enables a deep level of project understanding and cooperation which creates a powerful synergy between FEMC and their clients.  Their highly skilled engineers and product development representatives are exploding with energy, ideas, and an eagerness to cultivate a personal relationship with the companies they serve.  They know what it takes to build highly efficient automation systems that can be counted on to run for decades to come!

Website Address: FEMC
Phone Number: 216.663.1208
Fax Number: 216.663.9337
Physical Address: 22201 Aurora Road
Bedford Heights, Ohio 44146
Hughes Equipment Co.
Address: 53925
Location: ,

Food processing equipment and machinery from Hughes Equipment Company is engineered and manufactured to provide optimal performance. Hughes has a broad range of food processing machinery including huskers, blanchers, cleaners, coolers, conveyors, cutters, fillers, meters, snippers and fresh market equipment.

Website Address: Hughes Equipment Co.
Phone Number: 920-623-2000
Fax Number: 920-623-4098
Physical Address: 1200 West James Street
Columbus, WI 53925