Beef Consomme Recipe: 1. Peel and chop the vegetables 2. Finely shred the meat 3. Place all the ingredients in a large pan, adding the egg white last 4. Heat gently and whisk the ingredients continuously using a wire whisk until a thick froth forms on the surface 5. Stop whisking and immediately reduce the… Read More

Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Scrambled Eggs Recipe: 1. Scramble 2 eggs per person and an exstra one for the pan. Serve at once on Buttered fresh toast. 2. Vermounth or herb or wine vinegar may be mixed with the eggs, 1 tablespoon to every 4 eggs. 3. For a 5-egg scramble add 1 tablespoon each finely chopped parsley and… Read More

Rum Omelet Recipe

Rum Omelet Recipe: Beat 6 eggs until just blended and add 4 tablespoons cold water, mixing well. Melt 1 and 1/2 tablespoons butter in the top pan of the chafing dish over a direct flame. Add the egg mixture and cook over a medium flame, stirring the sides with a fork and tilting the pan… Read More