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Restaurant Source

The Restaurant Source was started in 1951, we are a privately held company based in Denver, Colorado.Their primary business is designing, selling and installing food service supplies and equipment. Their current customers are commercial food service operations such as hotels, restaurants, chains and institutions. The Restaurant Source website was launched to give their customers the ability to shop on line at their own time and pace.

The Restaurant Source chooses to carry only the best quality products for your satisfaction. Please be advised that our commercial grade products are designed for their utility and not necessarily the cosmetic or aesthetic appeal you would expect for residential use, and therefore, these products may not meet your expectations and may not be appropriate for use in your home.

Restaurant Source
5005 Washington Street Denver, Colorado 80216
Standard Restaurant Supply Denver

Standard Restaurant Supply Denver features over 100,000 square feet of showroom floor for your convenience. Stocking everything you need to successfully run your restaurant, kitchen, bar, bakery, or whatever it is that you do! Standard makes it easy for you to shop their gigantic store with customer service reps constantly walking the floor, available for questioning and service. There is no need for a membership card or fee, because they simply don’t have them. Customers are free to shop in their store, regardless of where they work or what they do because Standard Restaurant Supply is open to the public!

They have thousands of restaurant supplies in stock, to help you or your restaurant when you are in a bind, those items that you just need to have that day, or right away. Their stocked items are conveniently placed into categories on their show floor to help you find them easier! Here are some of the categories they stock everyday: cookware, baking supplies, bakery supplies, cake decorating supplies, pizza supplies, Mexican restaurant supplies, Asian restaurant supplies, table top supplies, beverage supplies, bar supplies, janitorial supplies, textiles & chef wear, china, glassware, disposable, restaurant equipment, used restaurant equipment and more!

Standard Retaurant SUpply
(303) 487-1499
6337 N Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80221