A baby potato salad is exactly what’s needed if you are maybe having a barbecue indoors or outdoors.  As salad is most-commonly served in these instances, this one is a delicious edition to anything you put on the grill. Grab a bottle of wine and you will have a feast. Salad Ingredients 1 kg (2.2… Read More

This bacon and feta salad is perfect if you are trying to watch what you eat or just as a side-dish to your favorite meal. It is fairly inexpensive but you can always add your own ingredients to it as well. Ingredients: Variety of lettuce leaves Cucumber Bacon Feta Method: Fry the chopped bacon in… Read More

This mushroom salad Milanese is a healthy recipe, low in calories and delicious. If you like mushrooms and salad, well here you get the best of both worlds. You can create this salad in as little as 30 minutes and if you want to churn out a lot more than 4 servings, you can easily… Read More