This Cheesy Tuna and Rice Bake is one of those simple dinner recipes that are sure to please. It is easy to make and endlessly tasty. Ingredients 250 ml (1 cup) Rice 1 Red onion, finely chopped 2 Tins tuna in oil 500 ml (16.90 fl.oz) water 1 Chicken and Mushroom Pan Dry Cook-in-Sauce 15… Read More

Fried fish Marinated in Vinegar Recipe: 1. Skin the fish and cut it into 12 portions 2. Season the fish with salt and pepper 3. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan 4. Quickly fry the fish, a few at a time while adding some more oil if necessary 5. Remove the… Read More

This herbed fish fillets recipe is fairly easy to make ad relatively cheap. Served with a special sauce. With 6 servings, this recipe might be ideal for a small family. Herbed fish fillets recipe Dissolve vegetable bouillon or powder in hot water. Add green pepper, celery and carrots. Heat to simmering. Continuously simmer for 10… Read More