Baked haddock with cheese sauce is basically haddock fillets covered in a scrumptious cheese sauce and then baked to perfection. This is a good recipe if you want to create a nice fish dinner without spending a lot. Think of it as a budget meal but without taking away the great taste. You can easily… Read More

German style frankfurters are one of the best types of sausage you can get. Whether you love European food or wish to try new things, you might enjoy these. All you need is a few German ingredients that you can buy from your local supermarket. German Style Frankfurters Recipe: Cut frankfurters in half. Lightly brown… Read More

The 3-in-1 casserole is just as the name implies because it has meat, fruit and vegetables. You can easily make this 3-in-1 casserole in a few easy steps. You do need a wide range of ingredients but it is possible that you might have some of these in your home already. 3-in-1 Casserole Recipe: Drain… Read More