Ingredients required 2x Onions 2 Pounds Ground Beef 3x Eggs 1 cup Breadcrumbs Method Fry onions in olive oil (or any oil or butter) until light brown. Add Ground beef and fry until brown. Turn off heat and mix in bread crumbs. Add 3x Eggs and mix lightly. Add Salt & pepper to taste (2… Read More

Barbecued Beef Stew Recipe: To make the marinade 1. Chop the garlic, chillies, and root ginger then pound them with a pestle and mortar 2. Place the mixture in a bowl and add the ground ginger, soya sauce, honey, tomato puree and vinegar and mix them thoroughly 3. Add the cubes of beef to the… Read More

Potato Casserole: With winter approaching in the US, you would certainly like some potato casserole warm and straight out of the oven after a long day’s work or perhaps anytime you desire. Potatoes are usually a favorite amongst families because they are easy to prepare ans a potato dish normally does not cost that much.… Read More