It is your basic curried lamb recipe, very easy to make and served over buttered noodles.  The ingredients are fairly cheap and easy to acquire. Curried Lamb Recipe: Combine 1/4 cup flour, 1 teaspoon salt and pepper is a bow. Dredge meat in them mixture, coating all sides. Melt butter in large sauce pan with… Read More

This herbed fish fillets recipe is fairly easy to make ad relatively cheap. Served with a special sauce. With 6 servings, this recipe might be ideal for a small family. Herbed fish fillets recipe Dissolve vegetable bouillon or powder in hot water. Add green pepper, celery and carrots. Heat to simmering. Continuously simmer for 10… Read More

These tuna balls are scrumptious and perfect for a started. Served with a very nice polka dot sauce that might make you feel like you are in heaven. Most of the ingredients needed in this recipe, are easy to find but some of them we already have in our homes. Tuna Balls Recipe: Melt 1… Read More